International Student Pilot


If you are an international student looking to pursue flight training options in the USA, we are delighted to receive you.

As an International student you will need form I-20 (which is issued by your school) in order to receive an Interview with the USA Embassy in your home country. AFT Center can issue the I-20 to you for your training. You will also be required to obtain TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) clearance. This is done on your arrival at the school and is assisted by us through our administration department.

These are the steps to follow to ensure a smooth experience in

arriving into the USA:

1.  Complete school I-20 application. (You must prove available funding to the school for your training and housing)

2.  Receive I-20

3.  Make appointment at the USA Embassy for Interview (This is for the M1 Visa)

4.  Inform the school as soon as your interview is complete

5.  Arrive in the USA

Your flight training will begin 14 days after your arrival. This will give you sufficient time to recover from your traveling and allow us to complete all government paperwork with you. Sometimes there is a short delay which is nothing to worry about

Please note: No flight school should charge you for the I-20