Here are some commonly asked questions from students like yourself.


I am an International Student, Can I Flight Train at AFTC?

Yes. AFTC is authorized to Issue the I-20 towards the M1 Visa

Will I require TSA approval?

ALL International Students require clearance from TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) We complete this with you on arrival.

Do I pay all of my training fees upfront to the school?

No. We use an external company to process your payments (Global Aviation Funding). They accept your funds through wire and place them in a trust account. The school receives the flight training fees periodically from Global. If you decide to return home and do not finish your training, Global will refund the balance on your account within 7 days by wire transfer.


What types of Aircraft do you have?

We operate Cessna 172s with and without G1000 glass cockpits. Piper PA28’s and Beech Craft Duchess.

How many Students do you flight train each year?

This number changes each year. 2016 we training 160 students in total. 2017 will be 200.

Does the school have student accommodation?

This will be in place by December 2017. At this time, we rent a large apartment facility for our students.

How Many Flight Instructors do you have?

We have 9 Instructors all full time. This does not include Chief and Assistant Chief pilots.

How many Aircrafts do you have?

We have 9 aircraft in total.

Are there any air traffic or examiner delays?

There are no air traffic delays in our region. Examiners are booked well in advance for our students.

How long will it take for me to complete my Career Pilot Training with AFTC?

There are four modules. Each one takes 3 months to complete.

What is the difference in part 141 and part 61 training and what training does AFTC provide?

At AFTC we conduct part 141 training for our students unless otherwise requested. We are approved by the FAA for part 141 training for Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Single Engine, Commercial Multi Engine, and CFI but can accommodate customized training via part 61.

Part 61

Schools certified under Part 61 are the most common type of flight school. All FAA-approved flight instructors, freelance or otherwise, may train students under Part 61. Typically Part 61 schools have a more relaxed schedule, working with the student’s preferences and availability. They have less accountability and paperwork requirements for the FAA than their Part 141 counterparts. These tend to be better for students who just want their first couple ratings or do not plan to pursue aviation as a career.

Part 141

In order to be a certified Part 141 flight school, the owner must go through a process that involves hours of paperwork and close examination of the actual teaching procedures at the school. All curriculum, training, and operations must be in accordance with the regulations outlined in Part 141 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. There are benefits to going through such a long process to certify the school, as students are able to get their licenses and ratings in fewer hours. This does not make a huge difference for Private Pilots, as they only have 5 hours taken off the standard of 40. However, once you reach the Commercial rating you can get a certification at 60 hours less than any Part 61 peers.

Which is better for my training?

It depends on your and your country’s civil aviation requirements. If you personally learn better with a rigid schedule and lesson plan and want to finish quicker due to less hours, also less costs, then choose a 141 certified flight school. If you tend to learn better in a more relaxed, casual environment, 61 would be better suited for you but you’ll spend a little bit more money and it will take longer due to the requirement of additional hours. Some countries require part 141 certificates during the co-validation of your FAA license to your country’s civil aviation but most simply want to see your complete FAA licenses, which do not have any designation stating whether you completed part 141 or 61.

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