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As aviation professionals for over 30 years, we are confident in our accelerated flight training curriculum to expedite your pilot training needs. We combine top training concepts from industry leaders such as Gleim and Jeppesen plus our own customization to create our FAA Part 141 approved syllabus which ensures you have all of the right tools to your disposal to succeed in your accelerated flight training from the very start. As a school, we are professional and seasoned pilot training professionals with a big family atmosphere.

Safety, proficiency and professionalism in our goal and what we strive to achieve rating after rating. As a Part 141 flight school, we are industry experts who understand accelerated flight training and more importantly, we understand you – our students!
With 98% first time pass rates 9 years running, we are the logical choice for your first or next rating(s).

We provide the I-20 for International students and welcome everyone who wants to realize their dreams of becoming an Aviator.

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Take a look at our website visitor counter and as you can see, there are hundreds of students worldwide that are making the decision right now to become a pilot AND making the choice to enroll with us! Our team of expert Aviation Advisors are ready to help you evaluate your flight school options and provide details as to why Accelerated Flight Training Center should be your choice.



Why choose Accelerated Flight Training Center?


98% 1st Time Pass Rate

You’re in the best of hands with Accelerated Flight Training Center when it comes to passing your FAA checkride on the first attempt. Learn from the best and save both time and money!

20+ Countries

We have graduated student pilots from over 20 countries. Flight training courses designed to meet your country’s training requirements for easy license co-validation.

Accelerated 141 & 61 Curriculum

Our accelerated flight training courses finish have you completing your private, instrument, and commercial certificates in only 6-8 months! Fast track professional pilot curriculum.

G-1000 Glass Cockpits

Providing you the foundation for learning advanced cockpits from the beginning of your training. Making the transition to complex airline cockpits simpler.

Traditional vs Accelerated Flight Training Programs


Our program structure is stated in the name of our flight school because we believe we have perfected accelerated flight training.  These programs are designed to take the student away from distractions and place them in an environment focused on molding them into a professional pilot.  This type of course outline keeps the student’s learning curve peaked for the duration of their study to maximize retention of both classroom instruction and aircraft handling skills.

This type of structured learning and full immersion saves training time while producing the highest of quality pilot.  Of course, saving time means saving money and a fast track to earning your ratings in order to apply for an airline position faster than other flight school programs.